Error: Only these types are available


In 2D Platformer Creation Kit, if I add spaces to the first line in file … / gameobjects / backgrounds / background.go so that the line is changed from this:"type", hash("day"))

To this: "type", hash( "day" ) )

I can not build the game anymore:

Only these types are available: number, hash, msg.url, vmath.vector3, vmath.vector4, vmath.quat

So, adding some spaces makes it impossible to build.


That’s a good find! This does however work when I try it in the new editor. @tomi.hasa, please change to the new editor. It’s layout is the same as the old one so it’s not a big step at all to upgrade.


I have been taught in a software engineering course you do not change your tools near the deadline. Ever.


Well, that’s a good general rule I guess, but there’s really only a minor cost involved. You can have the two versions installed at the same time and if you don’t like the new editor you switch back to the old one again.

PS When is the deadline and what are you supposed to deliver?


Tomorrow. School project.


The idea is to make just a small game to show we know have learned Defold. Next we will be using Unity in the same course.


Hey, Tomi! Did they teach you anything about trying to finish a project the day before it’s due?

No, but seriously… I am actually in the same position as you, except my deadline is on Friday. I changed my tools on thursday last week, then again on friday, then again yesterday, and now I am pretty close to finishing. Downloading editor 2 is going to be really quick and will solve this problem.

Good luck with your project!


It’s not a problem, if you don’t use spaces! I just removed spaces and it works.