Error in HTML build (SOLVED)


All output from print, pprint and io.stdout will show up in red in the console.


Fine, then how about 404 of “try_game.png”,unused “sounds.swf”?
There still something we can do to make it better.


This is from the default html5 template (located in /builtins/manifests/web/engine_template.html):

.canvas-app-container {
	background: rgb(255,255,255) no-repeat center url("try_game.png");
	/* A positioned parent for loading visuals */
	position: relative;

You can provide this image yourself in game.project via the Splash Image setting in the HTML5 section or remove it from the template.

Not sure about this one. It’s a fallback for audio playback I think. @sven?


Yes, the .swf file is an audio playback fallback implemented in Flash for Internet Explorer 11. :+1: