ERROR:GUI: Could not create the node since the buffer is full (512) (SOLVED)

Great! :smiley: Thank you very much! :heart:


Okay, i’ve been working really hard here and I’ve come across the node buffer. I’d be curious to know if there’s any way of increasing it myself (As my game is 100% GUI at the moment, and ideally I’d have around 5040 nodes)

We have in our sprint for 1.2.166 to see if we can increase it.


hi! Okay, I am being slightly more sensible with GUI nodes now. I just have to ask a quick question which I could probably check myself: if i disable a node, does it count towards this limit?

I’m slightly confused because I am still able to pick a node whilst it is disabled.

edit: Okay, I understand. Disabling stops rendering and animation, and you use is_enabled to check if it’s enabled or not. But my first question still stands. If a node is disabled, does it count towards the limit?

I think it does count toward the limit since it’s in the sim still. You can always test!


Here is the issue for this, please vote with a thumbs up


Any news?

No I’m sorry, it’s been postponed several times.

It is pretty high up (3rd position) when sorting by most :+1: