ERROR:GUI: Could not create the node since the buffer is full (512) (SOLVED)

Great! :smiley: Thank you very much! :heart:


Okay, i’ve been working really hard here and I’ve come across the node buffer. I’d be curious to know if there’s any way of increasing it myself (As my game is 100% GUI at the moment, and ideally I’d have around 5040 nodes)

We have in our sprint for 1.2.166 to see if we can increase it.


hi! Okay, I am being slightly more sensible with GUI nodes now. I just have to ask a quick question which I could probably check myself: if i disable a node, does it count towards this limit?

I’m slightly confused because I am still able to pick a node whilst it is disabled.

edit: Okay, I understand. Disabling stops rendering and animation, and you use is_enabled to check if it’s enabled or not. But my first question still stands. If a node is disabled, does it count towards the limit?

I think it does count toward the limit since it’s in the sim still. You can always test!


Here is the issue for this, please vote with a thumbs up


Any news?

No I’m sorry, it’s been postponed several times.

It is pretty high up (3rd position) when sorting by most :+1:


Yeah, any news again?

There are many cases we need a lot of nodes per gui.
For example, I have a data list of 50 items, 10 nodes per an item, and plus other stuff…

Could you seriously consider to support to change this limit in the near future please?

You can change it!



Ops, I was looking up in game.project for this change…
It was just right in front of my eyes and I didn’t notice.
Thanks! :sweat_smile:

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