Error - Failed compiling Android resources

When compiling a game for android, I get an Android resource compilation error, help me fix it

What extensions are you using?

Or something else? I’m still new to this

@Potota was wondering if you have added anything from the Asset Portal to your list of project dependencies in game.project.

Or is this happening with an empty project?

I took textures and files from the “Magic Link” lesson, ran the game to check if everything is fine when compiling on Windows, but an error pops up on Android

Ok. But it’s not happening with an empty project? Make sure that icons and any file references in the Android section of the game.project file exists and are valid.

I faced this issue as well and see the cause in my case. If I set project title to “Kỳ Hoàng”, it failed to compile Android bundle, but if I set it to “Ky Hoang”, it compiled successfully.

These lines are in console when it failed:

    2024-01-02 12:30:20 INFO    exec: C:\Users\chung\AppData\Local\Temp\3013256825095741087\aapt2.exe compile -o C:\Users\chung\AppData\Local\Temp\compiled_resources9302001017514913233\com.chungxa.kyhoang --dir D:\Defold\Projects\KyHoang\build\armv7-android\Kỳ Hoàng\res\com.chungxa.kyhoang 

    2024-01-02 12:30:20 INFO    Failed compiling C:\Users\chung\AppData\Local\Temp\compiled_resources9302001017514913233\com.chungxa.kyhoang, code: 1, error: D:\Defold\Projects\KyHoang\build\armv7-android\Kỳ Hoàng\res\com.chungxa.kyhoang: error: failed to open directory: The system cannot find the file specified. (2).
    ERROR: unspecified:-1: 'com.dynamo.bob.CompileExceptionError: Failed compiling Android resources'

Thanks, I added a ticket here for the issue with the characters. Should be good first issue if any of our contributors are interested.

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