Err - Error logging helper


Err is meant to make adding runtime script error / engine crash logging to the filesystem easy so your users can send you log files if they are needed for debugging.

I still have some improving to do / adding features, but is open to feedback now. Specifically one thing I want to know is what is the best information to provide engine team so they can fix potential engine crashes saved to logs? Is what I included to log already correct?



Very useful for feedback! Thanks Pkeod. I plan on using this in the future.

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It could be a simple, stupid question, but: Will Err log somehow automatically when there would be a crash? Or is it just for user to setup when the error() should appear?



It does (I thinkā€¦) but if you get a crash like this you want to save the actual crash file and also save debug symbols when you make a build so engine team can solve the bug.