Epic Online Services

Epic Games (Fortnite) recently opened up their Epic Games Store for self-publishing. This is great news for game developers as it gives everyone a good alternative to Steam.

In order to release a game on the Epic Games Store you should also integrate the Epic Online Services, used for player authentication, achievements, leaderboards, cloud storage and more.

This weekend I started working on an extension for the EOS SDK:

So far the basic setup is done, and functions for fetching achievement definitions and stats have been created. There is a lot left to do though, but I’m kinda hoping this could be a community effort. The SDK and the EOS APIs are really well designed and nice to work with which means they should be fairly simple to start working with. Let me know if you’d like to help out!


Thank you for this @britzl! This is far beyond my skills, but if anyone is looking for a place to start then all I need to release a first Defold game on Epic is achievements.

Thanks in advance, community! :grin:


This certainly looks very interesting - thank you @britzl!

From me as well. :laughing:


I for one would love to help, but like others is beyond my skills.
I wonder if who completes this is also willing to write documentation on how to approach such a task?


That’s a good idea!

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Hi, I was wondering is this ever made progress?

I am not using Defold, but a different Lua-based engine (Solarus). I use Luasteam to have achievements for my game on Steam, and I’m looking for a similar solution so that I can release on EGS.

Does anyone know if this progressed to a point where a DLL could be built like Luasteam has? Or if that is even possible with this project?

I did not spend more time working on this, besides what was mentioned in the original post (achievements and stats).

No. Most Defold projects are built as native plugins which interacts with the engine and SDK using C++ or similar.

Ah, thanks for the response! I’m searching around for any ways to get my Lua game to talk to Epic was was maybe a little over-hopeful this might be the solution. I don’t personally have the experience to be able to tell if this library could work like Luasteam does for achievements if it were built as a DLL, alas.
Thanks for your time!