Employee of the Year (#lowrezjam 2020)


Hi! just a quick note to let you know that I’ve done a little point-and-click adventure game - with a 64x64 resolution - for #lowrezjam 2020 - using Defold.

Life’s tough when you’re a genius but nobody seems to notice!

Employee of the Year is a little point-and-click adventure that deals with Office-related parties, unrequited love stories, killings, a lot of plans, parallel universes, and apple pies.

link to the game: https://marcogiorgini.itch.io/employee-of-the-year

As always I find this game engine perfect even for jams, because it lets me try things easily and fast - so I can focus on my ideas and change elements a thousand times without stability issues, within the time limits,
And its html5 output is small and solid - and (for the jams I enter) this is really great.
And last but not least, thanks to this forum (and the great devs in it) it’s often possible to find suggestions and/or code snippets for specific things one wants to add
(and this time about that I can’t help but thank Ritzl for his rendering script for lowres fixedres games - that I tried after finish everything else and it was a perfect shot)



Just began to playing it is lovely :star_struck:
Great work!



thank you :smiley:



I stuck cannot move tom
ballista i done allready :smile: thanks

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eh eh - you need to see if there’s someone around whom Tom could want to talk to, more than to Kim :slight_smile: - check people and then go back to talk to him :smiley:



nice one m8 i finished it really has nice humor inside… be well thanks

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Great work Marco!

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thanks :slight_smile: glad you like it :slight_smile: