Editor 2 search in files only finds 10 results per file


In this screenshot I’ve done a global ‘search in files’ (Ctrl+Shift+F, File -> Search in files) for ‘g_creatures’ but the results window isn’t listing anywhere near all the results for that search term. To highlight this I’ve also done a local search (Ctrl+F) for ‘g_creatures’ in the hook.script file so that all instances are highlighted in the text editor and the document outline; you can see that the search stopped finding results past line 110 even though there are many more. It seems to have found all results up to and including line 110. Looking at other files as well it seems like it only finds the first 10 results per file!



Filed an issue here: https://github.com/defold/editor2-issues/issues/1559



1 year on and I was doing another refactor and this issue once again introduced bugs into my codebase because I was relying on finding all references to something that had changed but the search results window didn’t actually list all results. Surely this is high priority?



Sorry about that :slight_smile: We all agree it’s an annoying issue and it should be fixed, and the reason it hasn’t is simply our limited capacity and the fact that we have quite a few “high priority” issues. The happy news is that the editor team recently grew by 100%, so once we get up to speed things like this ought to be fixed more quickly. The 10 per file cap is there for performance reasons. Just removing the cap will beachball the editor on bigger projects, so we need a more sophisticated solution.



We just pushed a fix for Search in Files into editor-alpha channel: now it includes all matches it finds :tada:


Big list of small annoyances




Another small improvement to Search in Files has just been released: now pressing Keep Results button before search is completed will show a progress indicator in Search Results tab.