Droptic (Yandex.Games)

Hello everyone! The game I made while learning Defold, now published on Yandex.Games. It was inspired by “Flood” from Simon Tatham’s puzzle collection and made originally for TIC80 fantasy computer. I played this game a lot myself, and one day I started looking for a suitable engine to play it comfortably on my phone, and so I found Defold.
When the Defold version was ready, I began to miss the leaderboard. Luckily, Yandex just offers this, and there is a wonderful YaGames extension by @aglitchman.
Two weeks of correspondence with Yandex moderators were very productive. They almost taught me how to make games! :smiley:
Now that they are satisfied, and I can finally compete online with other players:


It’s a fun game!