Driller is a simple jaunt based on an old Atari game. It’s like a cross between Pacman and Snake. The aim is the collect oil pelets and avoid or defeat interloping monsters. You control a drill bit, the head of which can be used to collect oil and kill monsters. The shaft of the drill is vulnerable to attacked so as the shaft trails behind the drill, you have to be careful which route you take.

Although it’s a simple game, I’ve had more problems getting stuff working right than you’d imagine. Creating the ‘snake’ sections of the drill was fiddly as was getting the collision detection right - that system had to be rewritten to use Defold’s built-in stuff rather than the original tilemap checks which resulted in monsters being ‘skipped over’ by the player.

Anyway, it’s working mostly right now. There’s a design issue with some levels where small gaps can be tricky to reach but I only had 3 days for this as it was written for the Palette Jam. Quite an addictive little game if I do say so myself.

Link to community page and HTML build


Hey, great game! I really like the concept.

The time constraint must have caused some stresses, but it’s a really great game nonetheless!