"Download Update" button doesn't work


Dear Defolder,
When I press the button “Download Update”, it closes the prompt, does not start any downloads, and the “Update Available” text reappears.
Env: macOS 10.14.6 (18G1012) SSD
I didn’t post this as a bug because I don’t know how to diagnose it, considering it isn’t an editor bug or in-engine bug, but rather an actual Defold bug.
For the time being, I can manually install updates but I’d appreciate being able to fix this at some point!
Thanks for reading!

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Could you please launch the editor from a terminal and share the output or share the editor log?



I manually updated to the latest version so I cannot demonstrate until a new release is published, but when it is I can certainly post the logs, although I don’t know how to launch the editor from Terminal.



Which os are you using?

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a 2015 iMac



Ok, so open a terminal window then type:


This should start Defold and all editor output gets printed to the terminal window

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I have the same problem.
editor2.2020-09-21.txt (25.2 KB)

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The error message “java.util.zip.ZipException: archive is not a ZIP archive” suggests that something is wrong with the update file. Is it perhaps a text file?

When you look at C:\\Users\\Sayuri\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\defold-update9152221748344656048.zipproperties, what file size is it?
Does it extract properly if you try it? (i.e. is it a zip file?)
Or what if you open it in a text editor?

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There is no such file. I closed the firewall and tried again but the result is same.

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The log you shared says that it downloads the following update which is indeed a full editor update file:


Are you out of diskspace? Any antivirus software which might prevent the file from being downloaded or extracted?



Have plenty of space and I only use windows security. Tried again after disabling security but nothing changed.

Defold is installed in C:\Defold mayde that’s why Defold can’t download the update ?



Yes, that could be it. Try moving it to somewhere in your user home folder, like Desktop or Documents.



Alright now I have the zip file. But it’s 0kb and there is nothing when I open it whit notepad. And new log gives the same error.



Not sure what’s going on to be honest. My recommendation is to download the latest version from d.defold.com instead.