Do you need little help sometimes?

Hey I have two artists, and myself as an artist / coder.

If you ever need help with art, logos, UI, or basic coding drop me a line. My wife has had her art used in projects all over the world including Skyrim (some of her celtic designs were used in furniture). She’s really affordable and works in vector and raster. She currently sells on fiver and facebook.

Me I work free or donation if you have a need I can help with.

One of the reasons I moved to Defold is I love yalls community, Im a fifty year old man, and I hate being alone in my home office 24/7. SO Im still learning but I can usually problem solve most issues. I am very good at project design documents, business plans, ecommerce website, and milestone maps and work flow mind maps etc. Artwise I mainly make gui, game asset packs, 3d concept in sketchup, kenny’s assets or anim8te, or cad. Im not a blender user as I havent had time to learn it.

If you find an art asset pack somewhere and like most of it, but need changes; depending on its license I can do that really quickly for you. Or make you a very similar set.

Anyway Im here if you ever need a hand. If its beyond me I’ll tell you. Even if its discussing your project and need a fencepost to bounce ideas off of.

Thanks looking to make friends and help out as I can.

Some random stuff Ive made.

cuterobotLOGO1 littlehouse2 4warundeadcards awarundeadcards cardbackwarundeadcards bug(2)


It is reassuring to hear there is some other “old” developer here. I will be 50 at the end of January and now I know I am not alone and there is no need to feel as the “grandpa” of the forum :slight_smile:


Ill be 51 on 1/17.

Hmm good to know! Im not the only oldster too!

I started on a Tandy Color Computer II in 1983- programmed by typing in program codes from Basic magazine and coco magazine. Used the Tandy home cassette recorder for storage!

but in 1983 I was the only kid in my school who had Centipede, Galaga, Zaxxon, all the other arcades at the time. It was a great date- girls would want to grab a pizza and come over play arcade games. :wink: Yeah there was Atari at the time but COCO beat it hands down on performance.


My father work was to fix arcade games. So I learnt to code in assembly when I was 9, typing all hexadecimal data in the eprom programmer designed by him. My first program was Donald Duck running (as a three frame sprite) on a custom hardware (always by my father) with Intel 8080 as CPU! [You see, old men talk about the past…]

Then I moved to math (my real profession) but videogame development was always running in the depths of my mind. Published some NDS titles around 2010 and started again seriously two years ago with Defold. A friend of mine is to blame: once she said that, as all men, I don’t know color names. I had to invent a whole videogame to prove the contrary to her. :smile: So now I do design, graphics and code and she is in charge of the artistic direction.


Sweet! Where did you grow up? I grew up IN Memphis, TN- man I miss those days- good food and great friends. My kids have no idea just how much of blast we had.

I worked as a kid too. MY dad owned a cattle ranch and steel plant. So I have been doing engineering since I was about 8 or 9. And I ran 400 cattle by myself from I was 13 till I left for Navy a short stint in Nuclear field. Today I dont remember almost any of my math beyond algebra. But math is a beautiful language!

I developed a disability via cancer and I love gaming. If I play a game and like then I am driven to see if I can clone it. And I see it as a way to improve the lives of others both in the businesses and personal recreation. Gamifying applications or sales methods can be very productive in boosting job morale and sales.


I grew up very far from you! South Italy, close to sea in a sunny small village. Studied math in Pisa, north of Italy. Went around Europe for some years for math researches, turned back in Italy, got a permanent position in Pisa after some years in Rome. Then back again in my native region, now I teach math at the local university here.

I am now looking at the riot in Washington DC on CNN, never ever imagined sometime like this in my life! I saw Berlin’s wall falling down, Moscow coup and first Bagdad bombing in TV… and now this! Incredible! I will not sleep tonight!

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edited this down:

Im not worried about the riots.

Be well and dont worry it wont change anything,

My life is truly ordinary compared to yours! I love Italy too and thank god (in whom I do NOT believe) that I was born here. :smile:

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Well one day maybe Ill see our beautiful Italy and explore countryside.

Just chiming in that I ‘celebrated’ my 50th the other week. :tada:

I started programming on an Apple ][ in the late 70’s, but it was the C64 that really ignited my imagination. I still have very fond memories of methodically typing in pages upon pages of BASIC code each month from COMPUTE! magazines only to discover show-stopper bugs—which of course meant that you simply had to pick up the next issue for the bug fixes. :slight_smile:

I’ve spent most of my career in research and design for software products, and aside from early stage prototypes I haven’t gotten to do much programming professionally for many years. I find Defold a breath of fresh air and it’s the closest I’ve come to recapturing the joy and excitement I felt creating games, demos and apps/toys on the C64 all those years ago. Removing all of the hassle of IDE and SDK download and config/maintenance for all of the various platforms enables me to focus on my project so more, and the Lua language is such a delight to work with—even with it’s indices starting at 1.

Anyway, back to CNN.


And “even with its indices starting at 1” win the best sentence of 2021 for me!


Well said:

C64 was a nice system! And with some tweaking could really zing along . Had a few copies of Compute as well!

Defold is the perfect blend of IDE and not overly heavy laden with cool features. And it does capture the BBS spirit.

In programs like Unity, and Godot or OS like WIndows they try and give you everything.

For example using a camping analogy:

Under the Windows approach you get a pickup, trailer, bbq grill, sattelite tv, toilet, shower, electricity, dishes, furniture, air conditioning $100000 to camp

The linux approach here’s a knife, a walking stick, a map, a compass and over there is a storage shed where you can go get anything else you need. $10 to camp

Defold is a good blend of giving us the tools we need but not all the toys we might think we want.


Hello! I need some help how can I contact you?

You just did:)

how can I help?