Do you like using free indie software- how about a simple 3d modeler in existence since 1999!


For those of us who do not like or want to use blender (It is awesome software, and I have tried but I just want something super simple.) There is a free 3d modeler Ive used since 2003 or so. It was created by a Nvidia engineer and he runs the forum and answers any questions in about a day. Usually 5am central USA time. For example I needed a script to auto rotate my model to cardinal directions for export and and he whipped one up for me.

The only drawback is the gui is from pre vista days. But it is updated current and Steve the owner will usually implement or create scripts if you have a specific need. Exports obj, 3ds, and with plugin collaeda. I use it for mainly low poly work. I dont need huge program. Fully programmable with script editing.

For some reason he doesnt put these announcement up on the webpage but in the forum

Latest build:

It has a really simple animation method that has been taken and used by many other engines over the years. Originally created as a 3d movie maker in 1999, it is a very small program. For example my rabbits in my projects.

So anyway I think there is a place in the world for small editors like this and he could use more exposure.

Some models I did for a mini sci fi rts in animator:

spr_0_1 spr_1_1 spr_2_4 spr_3_4



I think the domain you meant was ?

Since you’ve used it so long it would be great to hear some tips on using it to make game assets!

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Not a whole lot to learn actually. There was 2 year gap due to my former illness and I had to relearn some basics.

edit: Also set the object pivot on your game object- so your rotating the object at its center rather than the scene.

Also: locate: stand on ground, stand on origin, and center on origin are super helpful.

so for exporting objects and png turn off floor grid in object room, render and image and alpha and save as png.

Same thing in the scene room where you can save each frame as a movie frame export. Same thing in scene properties turn off floor grid.

These settings will give you a transparent background and floor.

The only problem I have with it is until I learned the “f” key which recentered the object where the camera frame is. Before I was constantly trying to zoom and pan back to original position.

Well modeling wise: sketchup and tinkercad both borrowed its approach. SO create solids, or meshes or ngons and push extrude etc.

Animation consists of the bone method- so if you understand that you know how to rig the objects.

Texturing is a just button click. choose texture and apply

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I posted a few more examples of what I do in anim8tor.

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