Dmengine.exe has stopped working1


I have run an update and afterwards I got the above message when building, bundling or rebuilding.

Help please.


Does it happen with all projects or just one? Does it happen after a restart? And it worked before the update?


It doesn’t happen with all projects just my latest one. I have attempted restarting multiple times and it also does not work. I have downloaded a few updates in the past few days and the error occurred previously to this. Just to see if it had any effect I shut off my antivirus software and restarted but the problem persisted.

thanks, Morgan.


Please share the project with me ( and I’ll take a look.


Hi Bjorn,

I loaded it just now at I got this message

I have allowed access but it doesnt seem to work. How do I share the project with you?




You could perhaps zip the folder and email/share. Exclude .git and build folder please!

#7 (33.2 KB)

Hi Bjorn,

project attached.




I think you included the build folder and excluded anything else. It’s only compiled files in the zip file:

Please re-zip the project and if possible exclude the build and .git folders