Dmengine.apk 1.2.44 wont install on Android (SOLVED)


My phone is a Samsung A3 2016 running Android 7.0.

Get the message “App not installed”.

1.2.43 installs fine.


How are you installing it? Via ADB? Or download and install? And we’re talking about the dmengine.apk downloaded from right?


Downloaded from and install the downloaded file.


Do you have an old version installed or did you uninstall that prior to installation of 1.2.144?

I tried myself and I got a “Blocked by Play Protect” popup. Did you get that too? Also, if you didn’t allow it to install the first time you got that popup then it will block any further attempts to install the app again. Not sure how to allow it to install…


Play Protect settings can be found in Google Play in the menu, but I didn’t find a way to list blocked apps. Disabling Play Protect allowed me to install dmengine.apk though.


I got the same error a while back, but it occurred whenever I had an older version of that app installed. Uninstalling and then reinstalling the new version might do the trick


Thanks, that sorted it. The Play Protect box did pop up on the first attempt earlier on, I must’ve tapped the wrong option and blocked the app by mistake.