Distance field label component not visible on device (SOLVED)


I am making text elements with a game object and label component. The default material (font.vp, font.fp) are working fine, but I want to use distance field fonts. So I choose font-df.vp and font-df-singlelayer.fp in the material. It works on desktop, but on Android or iOS the text is not showing up.


What defold version are you building from and what device models are you running on? I can take a look tomorrow and see if I can replicate.


Defold 1.2.145
iPhone 8, Xiaomi Mi5s, Motorola Moto G 1st gen.


I’ve tested on an iPhone 5s and some kind of Motorola phone and the DDF font works on both. Could you share the project with me so I can take a look? jhonny.goransson@king.com




Alright, I think you have found a really weird discrepancy between bundling and build-and-run.

For some reason, unchecking anti-aliasing when bundling doesn’t produce all of the SDF values that are used to sample the distance field even though the data is there. Not sure if this is my doing, or some remnant of old, but it’s definitely annoying. So, just check the antialias checkbox and you are good to go. I’ll add a ticket for this and fix it for the next release. Thanks for reporting!