DiscordRich - Discord Rich Presence extension


Hi! Some time ago, @pkeod started working on a Discord Rich Presence extension and I helped him finish it, so here it is:

Now you can have your game automatically show itself off on Discord servers and even use the join game and spectate features for multiplayer games.


Cool! Thank you for sharing!


For anyone who does not know, Discord presence is a valuable marketing tool. You create an appid on Discord, and then use that appid in game. Then when people play your game (if they have it enabled, it’s enabled by default) their friends on Discord will be able to see that they are playing your game. If people belong to any discord servers (basically private chat rooms) their presence status will also show up there. So adding this can help your game to spread in an organic way.



I think the last editor update broke my “running in editor” detection for loading the DLLs (because build/x86-64-darwin was renamed to build/x86_64-osx). I released an update fixing this:

UPDATE: The v1.0.1 update accidentally broke things for people on the stable editor channel. v1.0.2 below should be backwards compatible.