Development app does not work


Describe the bug (REQUIRED)
I’m trying to run build in development app on android. But the application on phone thinks for a long time and crush.

In defold console i have:
INFO:ENGINE: Defold Engine 1.2.169 (4ebe7a1)
FATAL:ENGINE: Unable to load project file: ‘’ (-1)

and in target discovery log i have:
[] timed out getting XML description: Read timed out

To Reproduce (REQUIRED)

  1. Connect phone to wifi or with usb to pc.
  2. Find phone in Project/Target
  3. Chose phone
  4. Click to Project/Built
  5. “Wait animation” in development app freeze
  6. Development app crush

Defold version (REQUIRED):

  • Version 1.2.169

Platforms (REQUIRED):
PC: Windows 10
Phone: Xiaomi mi a3 (android 10)



@IgoryanJ does this happen with all projects you have tried?