Developer needed for paid Proof-of -concept


I need a (Defold-)developer to do a simple proof-of-concept of an idea I have. It’s not a game as such, but a graphical application and I think Defold would fit the bill as a framework. I have around $200 for this initial test, but as far as I can see it is a fairly simple thing although it will require a bit of programming. Details on mail upon interest. It may, or may not, yield further work, depending on the result.
Choice of framework can be discussed if the reasons are good enough, but for now Defold is it.

Let me know if someone are interested and I will provide further details in a mail.

Best regards
Morten, Denmark



Hi, I am interested. Can you please share the details?



I’m interested too. Can you please share the details ?



Thank you so much for the interest! Three of you have made contact here and in PM. As I don’t think I can afford to have all three of you do the concept I will approach you in the order of contact. Thank you!



Late to the party, but also interested in this or other projects!



Thank you!
Just to be open about it. I have initiated the work with the first one to respond (in PM) and so far it is looking good.
I hope I can get back to you other guys if circumstances change or for another project!
Thank you so much for the prompt response and all the best!