Developer looking for a work

Hi, I am Alex from Kyiv.

Looking for a work as Defold developer. Remote only.

About me

The last half year I am working with my friends on game that won some nominations on Global Game Jam 2022. It is going to be released on (We won 1st place in Poki nomination).

I started the project alone and made main part of it.
Jam version was on Unity. So It is sort of port, but I would say remake on Defold. I made almost all for this game: architecture, shaders, project organization.

You can play in “WIP” secret version :slight_smile:
Available on POKI:
Google play:

Also, you can check our previous game from Ludum Dare where I was highly involved

I have never worked before as a professional game developer, but I am very active doing it in my free time last 3 years.

I did games on PhaserJS, Unity and now Defold. I fall in love with Defold and I would like to continue work with it.

I work in IT about 12 years, 5 as DB administrator/programmer, 7 years as full-stack web-developer and have CS education. I have worked in consulting and product companies.

I am very open-minded person, so it is not a problem for me to do different work and learn something new that need for your pipeline.

I was programming on: PHP, JavaScript, Lua, C#, Python, Golang, C++, C (sorted by skill :slight_smile: )
I worked with: Blender, Houdini, Photoshop, Krita, Procreate


I wouldn’t like work in Russian company.
I would like have ability continue to work on my games in free time some of them can be commercial.

So, if you interested PM me here or in Discrod ( d3w#6756 )
I am ready to do assigment project for prove my skills



You should reach out to Melsoft. They are currently not looking for Defold developers but you can submit your CV and perhaps a position opens up in the Family Island team:!/tab/270117228-5

OpenMygame are also using Defold for some of their games:

And perhaps @Miko-Laj and XI-ART Sp.z o.o. need another Defold developer?


hi Alex, @d3w

In my real-life job I often help Spanish speakers do job interviews (my background is in language teaching, but all of my clients are business and professionals that need to communicate in English).

If you would like to spend some time working on your CV or practising an interview, let me know. No payment required.

This offer is actually open to anyone - I can do a single session to work on your CV or practice an interview at no cost. As I said, my background is in language teaching, but I’ve been specialised in professional communication for years and years.


Hi Alex, I need some help and happy to pay for it. Can you please reply me so we can discuss?

I need to complete a small game. Thanks.


I’ve replied to your direct message.
Also, do not hesitate ask questions here on the forum or Defold discord. Here is the amazing community eager to help everyone who is interested in Defold :slight_smile: