Desperately need help with Defold project

Hi There, I am currently creating a retro shooter game for school and have run into a few problems with my game. If anyone is able to point out the problems i would be very grateful.
Asteroid (2.5 MB)

Are you willing to pay for help or just asking? Please be more specific.

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When attempting to run the game it gives the error “cyclic resource dependency detected” and it tells you where it is: /main/Enemy/Enemy1.go
In this GO you have a factory with the prototype /main/Enemy/Enemy1.go, this is the cyclic bit.
Next there are some missing lua files.
I suggest that you start a fresh Defold project and add in the parts one at a time making sure it is working as you go, Maybe start with just the GUI, get a version of that working and build back up from that maybe. If you can find someone you know to work on it with you that would be good.

Edit: Just took another look, you are getting confused between .script files and .lua files. I suggest working through the tutorials starting with the “side scroller” (do them multiple times).


how much were you thinking?

ok thank you

He was referring to that you posted in ”work for hire” which means you’re willing to pay for someone to do the work.