DeLAB Scene

(click to play demo in PC browser)

Really happy to be able to share the DeLab scene with the community. This project provides a ready setup testing ground for rendering / materials / shaders & post-effects. Also can serve as learning material.

Comes with simple scene models, Defold material prop, lots of texture options, a couple shaders and a post process effect shader along with custom render scripts to help get you well on your way and started.

Project can be found on github:

Big thanks to the Defold foundation for permission to use the likes of the logo on the material prop model and being able to share it with the community.

Also big thanks to @sven for his great video tutorial and sample projects! They can can be found here:

and sample project:

Cheers! :sunglasses:



this is such a wonderful test scene and full of stuff to learn from. Thanks a lot for sharing this project with us. I am a fan of DeLAB!