DefReview - native Ratings and Reviews window

Small native extension for iOS and Android

if (defreview and defreview.isSupported()) then
  --do something else

Thank’s @dapetcu21 for workaround of issue with old ios SDK


Thank you sir, this is amazing!!!

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What’s the typical procedure for this on Android? Ask via in-game popup (Yes, No, Later), and if user answers Yes, navigate to Play Store listing? And perhaps remember the answer to not nag the user if the user has already declined. Maybe this could be added as well?

I am not sure what is typical behavior on android in this case.
We use own popup in game.

I can add if somebody know how it should be (maybe some link to android guideline?)

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True, there’s no real guidelines. Might be better to leave it out. It was a bad idea.


Thanks for the extension @AGulev

I’m trying to test it in a debug version on my device but whenever I triggered asking for review nothing happens.

Is it because the app is in debug mode or that the app is not published yet?

Hope you can help me.


What iOS version are you on? According to the documentation and the code, it’s only supported on iOS 10.3+.

Is feature supprorted (It’s avaliable only on iOS 10.3+)

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I don’t remember exactly, but maybe you need to upload your game to Testflight.

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I tried in Testflight with an app in debug and release mode without success. hopefully it works once the app gets published.

Thanks @AGulev

I used Defreview in my game (published ), it works.


Thanks for letting me know @Dragosha

@Dragosha Were you able to test it before publishing? My integration works in Appcenter but, for some reason, not on Testflight. When it fails nothing happens when calling defreview.requestReview().

Edit: This is, apparently, expected behaviour:


DefReview 2.0.0

Android support


The DefReview extension has been adopted (thank you @AGulev!) as an officially supported Defold extension and moved to the Defold Foundation repo:

The extension has its own manual page:

As part of the move we did refactor a few things:

  • Extension namespace changed from defreview to review
  • Extension functions changed from camelCase to snake_case

So instead of calling defreview.isSupported() you now need to call review.is_supported().

The changes can be found in release 3.0.1 of the extension:

If you have an old dependency URL in game.project GitHub should redirect to the new extension.