#DefoldGameJam - a community effort with nice deliveries

I may be betting sentimental with age, but I smile widely each time I find a good game made by a small team from a town I am struggling to find on the map. I smile two times (and even wider) if the game is #madewithdefold =]

This was a community effort of a Defold-only game jam, an initiative I though might have been too restrictive. But the orgs made a poll with positive results, so the jam has been launched. This was an online game jam starting along the LD36 and finishing in a month, September 27. And while there’s a full week till the jam ends, I’d love to take time to showcase some of the games being made.

Because you don’t speak Russian, I assume =] But give yourself a try. The green Играть button launches a game. All HTML5, as per jam rules.

##And the games are…
SMASH BASH: Date with the Desert
A nice team of 7 wanted to do a weekend project and ended up with a spin off from a bigger title being in production. We all have been there, right? This might be the flagship game of the jam.

You’ve seen this game on our forums, as @nicloay has been nice and active. But the game is from the jam and is very nice itself. So here it is. Beware, it is very addictive and sucks up all your time. Cannot stop playing it myself.

Guise of Sunrise
Now this thing is something of a kind. Devs advertise this game as a narrative based rhythm game. And it does look cool and so weird you just have to experience it. The game benchmarks in the number of WTFs per second.

Nice puzzle with automagically generated levels. Permadeath and fun. Puzzle game in an endless runner mood, I’d say.

Magic Kingdom
Did you have lunch? Fine. Put your headphones on and play this game. Till the end. It is 4-5 min.

Ancient Invaders
An artist and a programmer are making their way through Defold with a solid result given time and experience constraints. In fact, this is one of my favourite projects just because it shows what results can the ambitions driven development deliver =]

Rogue-like pixel art Pac-Mac with a setting in of a Chinese hell. Beat this =] Made by team of two.

Glue Time
You might have seen this game on our forums. Cheers @baturinsky for taking the lead. Nice approach to arcanoid so far.

Simple yet surprisingly playable concept of a Chinese printing press game. Features nice art and a story! The team is from Moldova.

Game by Sublistris
Nice small and very punishing game. Reminds me of playing Mario on the hardcore. Did I tell it was very punishing?

To be continued…


These are some really nice entries, well done!

It’s a good showcase of how easy it is to get things done, and quickly, with Defold. Workflow is essential these days!


Okaaays, so the last projects of the jam has been submitted. Good reason to update the thread. Will do it naow.


Guise of Sunrise is now in my top 10 weirdest games list. The art is lovely.


Haha, agreed @gem! It’s like Tim Burton took a stab on The Neverhood – on drugs. (I mean this as a good thing, by the way)


Cool! Well done everyone!

Agree with @britzl – some quality stuff here! :slight_smile:

I do love the look and feel of the Sublustris game, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to play it – I just keep hitting the spikes after two jumps. Did anyone figure this out?

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@Axel Ha!!! Try again! :slight_smile:

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@sicher – absolutely love the helpful and supporting spirit within the Defold team :slight_smile:


I tried to communicate with the team about “what’s happening in the game and why I don’t get it” and the response was like, so what’s wrong? Some people say the game is weird but cannot explain why.

So there might be an angle from which the game makes sense! We just have to find it.

You just have to suffer, I guess.

Hi guys! We just translated our game Diyu into English, so now you can find out the story. :slight_smile: Link is still the same: https://olde-shipmates.itch.io/diyu


The trick is to wait until the platform moving at the top arrives at the bottom of the screen. Then you can play this game like your typical 1-button endless runner.

This long waiting time after each death however totally killed my motivation to try it more than a few times…

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Ah, gotcha – thanks. I’ve got too low of an attention span to ever have figured that out.


The introductory text box covers the platforms as well so it’s easy to miss.

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Nice to see game jam projects being highlighted. Also the new Defold Jam is about to happen - in Swedish Skövde during Sweden Game Arena. I will keep you posted!


Results and awards from this game jam. Photos by Mr Blurrypic:

Also we are to do a Defold game jam with Sweden Games Arena later this week.
And we’re talking to various good people making jams so that we donate swag and prizes. Be sure to talk to us, if you’re making a game jam!


On a related note: I met with Leaf Corcoran, the guy behind itch.io, last week and we had a nice chat about game jams and indie development in general. Leaf mentioned that itch.io has very good support for handling the logistics and infrastructure related to game jams, so I think using itch.io for game jam uploads and hosting should be considered if you’re doing a jam of your own.