Defold World-wide Developers' Festival, June 2018. Bali, Indonesia


Defold World-wide Developers’ Festival, June 2018. Bali, Indonesia

Just a thought. Please consider it.


Haha, Bali sounds very nice. :slight_smile: could you add a few more words to this idea?


I’d love to go back to Bali. I was there ages ago and especially loved spending two weeks on Lembongan!


Bali is about




good food+beer

rice terraces

fresh tropical fruits


endangered elephants

and much more…(looking up at sky at night to see the Milky Way. Waking up in the morning at birds singing…)

Festival instead of conference. Hopefully there will be more celebrations than presentations. When people are relaxed and inspired, more ideas will flow and more great games could be created with Defold.

I live in Bali now. If you guys do decide to have a Defold Festival in Bali, I will be glad to help you organize things on my end.



Great! Hope to see you in Bali.