DEFOLD Version1.5.0 BUG?

Windows11 ,
Defold version 1.5.0 encounters an error when using ‘rebuild’ during runtime of the game,

So the first build works, and the second one fails with this error? Can you please check contents of your_project folder/build/default/builtins/input. Does it contain a default.gamepadsc file? What is the size of the file?



Ok, hmm, do you have some anti-virus which might prevent Defold from building?

What happens if you delete default.gamepadsc and try again?

Deleting the file will automatically create a new one, and then it will report the same error.

Will it create the new file and report an error in the same build? Or does it work for one build and then not the next one?

@AGulev is able to reproduce this issue. We will be looking into it. Sorry about this!

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I’m pretty sure the bug is related to this