Defold Typewriter

Hello everyone,

Many RPGs and other genres of games use a scrolling textbox to display dialog. This is a very common desire for game developers, so I decided to create dtypewriter to handle this task.

Defold Typewriter provides text scrolling and styling in a Defold game engine project. It uses HTML-style markup for specifying character colors, speeds, new lines, new paragraphs, etc. New features are easy to add, so I expect this extension to grow as I continue using it in my own projects.

Here is an example of how the above gif was formatted with raw text:

"Just like the classic RPG dialog systems, <color=green>dtypewriter<color=default> is a fantastic dialog solution!<paragraph>It can do all kinds of neat things, like <color=green>colors<color=default>, <speed=3>speeds<speed=default>, and <speed=instant>instant text display<speed=default>, among other things!"

Check it out here:

Thank you for reading and Happy Defolding!


This is very nice. Would be a great addition to the asset portal. Thanks for sharing.

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No problem, thank you. I do put my stuff on the asset portal, but it takes a while because the GitHub pull request needs to be approved. :slight_smile: