Defold programmer needed (ads implementation and long term cowork)

Hi there,

I have made casual game, pretty addictive.
I was using Enhance to add Admob or Airpush Banners and Interstitials.
Nothing worked for me (built and enhanced without problems),
but there are no ads in the apk.

I’m looking for someone who may be willing to help implement it manually via sdk or check project/apk/etc and fix it in proper way. Because I also think about Donate paypal button or remove ads button I may need more help and I could cowork with someone on longer basis also in next projects. I may also spare more work if someone is interested in working with designer.

The plus is that I’m in (top publisher) publishing program so it could be helpful if programmer have mac and iOS experience but this is not mandatory now.

Kamil // Reality Warp

Hi! Have you checked out Enhance - Goodbye SDK Fatigue? I haven’t implemented ads myself, but it seems like it should be fairly straightforward - if it is, post what you have tried doing in the ‘Questions’ part of the forum, and I am sure someone will be able to help you sort out what is not working with your code.


thx Carl, will go that way also :wink:

Kamil, cool that you’re enjoying Defold. Can you explain a bit more in-detail about your collaboration ideas, so folks on the forum can easier understand, if this is something they’re willing to consider.

Good idea, Oleg!

I’m basically willing to share revenue with programmer.
Depends from his good will even 50/50. Why not, if he will take half of my responsibilities?!
Sharing can evolve into regular work as I will be willing to put my own money into projects.
I work as graphic designer half of the day.

Besides visuals and sounds I feel comprehensive in gameplay programming,
so any other tasks or even gameplay partially is going to be programmer’s work.

At this moment first game is small casual with generated randomness in style - addictive simpleness - ads implementation is the only work that has to be done.
It can be built for iOS and put on voodoo’s retention tests with their power of marketing
and skill in reaching players. But I enjoy putting it on google play by myself
so voodoo is not mandatory. Appetite is growing, so next is platformer with level design.

Pay it forward, Kamil

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So you had an issue with ads not showing in your app after using Enhance?
Have you contacted us about this?

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Hey Rozek, yes Dave from your support today said everything should be fine when I will switch country with vpn. I will do it tomorrow and test it.

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I have used DotVPN and Tunnelbear VPN for USA and France, both didnt work.

Any ideas?

I would keep your conversation open with Dave. If by chance there is something technical, he would be the one to talk to.

For admob, have you tried their test ids?

Yes. VPN wasnt helpful. Dave said its because GDPR. During this week they will implement library support for it. I presume its been issue for many folks out there these days.

He also explained it should works without using ZeroCode features.

I will inform how things are going here.

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