Defold Polygon Editor


And this is my exporter for PhysicsEditor for Defold:

{% for body in bodies %}{% for fixture in body.fixtures %}{% for polygon in fixture.polygons %}shape_type: TYPE_HULL{% for point in polygon %}{% if not forloop.first %}{% endif %}
data: {{point.x}}
data: {{point.y}}
data: 0{% endfor %}

{% endfor %}{% endfor %}{% endfor %}


Wow, this is fantastic! Great job! :star_struck:


That’s magic @cocosgames! Just cut 50% off the workflow. If it could output separate files, it would be automatic… but that’s not possible, right?

EDIT: Not so fast! This is what the script outputs now (the inverse y coordinates), and a missing polygon:



In fact I haven’t test it yet, maybe tomorrow, I will update it with a file splitter.






That looks great! Is that a Windows .exe doing the splitting?


Yes, It’s a Defold project So it should be cross-platformed.
When It’s ready I will open the source on github.


Wow, really cool!


I don’t have time to finish it, but here:

It is the tool set showed in the video.