Defold Parser | Node module



Defold Parser - node module to encode and decode Defold files.

There are several tools to parse & edit Defold files like amazing DefTree, but in some cases probably you wanna use the Node/JS. So here is it!

I often use this instrument in my work and I wanna share it with you.

(still not using Defold proto files)


To install defold-parser use npm.

npm install --save defold-parser


Add require line to your .js script:

const defold_parser = require("defold-parser")

All available API is:

// Parse any Defold file (go, gui, collection, particlefx, etc)
let object = defold_parser.load_from_file([path_to_defold_file])

// Save object to the Defold format
defold_parser.save_to_file([path_to_file], [object])

// You can pass text string directly
let object = defold_parser.decode_object([defold_text_string])

// And get Defold encoded text directly too
let defold_text_string = defold_parser.encode_object([js_object])

Every Defold parsed struct is array, even for single fields. To access any field you should access it on first array index. For example:

let parsed_collection = defold_parser.load_from_file("./tests/files/collection.collection")
let instance = parsed_collection.embedded_instances[0]

assert([0] == "tile")
assert([0] = "sprite")
assert(inner_component.type[0] = "sprite")

To know, which fields you wanna edit, see the file struct you parsing or just use console.log in development :smile: