Defold OpenSteer

Originally converted my old JS Opensteer demo (poorly btw) I decided to spend some more time cleaning up the OpenSteer conversion and added another demo as well as started working on annotations as well as making opensteer more modular.

Warning: The current incarnation is based on JS, so there are a tun of globals and all sorts of abnormal non-modular conventions used in the code base. This will change over the coming few weeks.

The pedestrian demo is a more complete use of the OpenSteer capabilities of the Location Query Database as well as the agent behaviors and path following.

Current goals for the demo:

  • Cleanup code to be properly modular and become a usable extension.
  • Add facilities to be able to define paths within the Defold editor
  • Add configuration to support static objects in the LQDB
  • Expose some of the behavior capabilities to Defold

Ideally, I want to be able to use OpenSteer more easily with the ability to generate scenes with reasonably complex agent behaviors.

The source is all MIT. Do what you want with it :slight_smile: And as usual if you have PRs, ideas, commentary, its all welcome.


Updated with a new demo example based on OpenSteers’ pursuit demo.

Various improvements added:

  • annotation and debug methods
  • more cleanup in making the code more modular
  • improved performance and removal of redundant systems/code

Will add a little group ai test next.


Also updated the Soccer demo to something a little more soccer like :slight_smile: