Defold now has a Homebrew cask!

Good news for macOS Homebrew users: The Homebrew cask repo now has Defold.

brew install --cask defold

(or just omit --cask and Homebrew will figure it out)


And I added some formulas for the beta and alpha channels too:

brew tap homebrew/cask-versions
# then one of the following:
brew install --cask defold-beta
brew install --cask defold-alpha

I’m on mac, since defold has auto update inside the application, I wouldn’t use brew to manage it, still nice tho! Thanks

This cask doesn’t force you to use brew to manage the updates. It’s just so that you can install/uninstall it more easily. Brew cask doesn’t auto-update apps that have a built-in auto-update mechanism, like Defold.


I see !