Defold Integration for GameAnalytics (DEF-3024)

Hi all,

Just a quick note to say that GameAnalytics is Now Available for Defold. GameAnalytics is a free player tracking and analysis tool that helps you measure, control and understand player experiences in one place.

To learn more, check out this Defold SDK release post with all the info to get you up to speed.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Chay @GameAnalytics


Yay! Thank you so much for your work and for sharing and thank you for the nice write up on Defold in your release post!


You’re welcome. Hope you find the tool useful :slight_smile:

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Can you enable issues for this?

This page links to the Lumberyard version and not the Defold for “Github Repository” link.

For the list of keys

game_key_ios = IOS_GAME_KEY
secret_key_ios = IOS_SECRET_KEY
game_key_android = ANDROID_GAME_KEY
secret_key_android = ANDROID_SECRET_KEY
game_key_html5 = HTML5_GAME_KEY
secret_key_html5 = HTML5_SECRET_KEY
game_key_osx = OSX_GAME_KEY
secret_key_osx = OSX_SECRET_KEY

You don’t specify what the key is for Windows although I assume it’s game_key_windows, secret_key_windows

I tested building on Windows target and it would not work.


Pinging @mts too.

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Thanks for the update, we are on the case and a new release should soon be ready with a bug fix to the issue (and yes guessed right with using ‘game_key_windows’ and ‘secret_key_windows’, I think it is because Windows support came out later and we have forgotten to update the docs).

EDIT: We reather want our users to submit tickets to our support desk which can be done here: which is why the github repo has Issues section disabled


A new version with a fix is out now (v1.1.6)


@britzl and @Mathias_Westerdahl did the build server recently change. I was earlier today able to build a Windows app but now I get a lot of errors saying something like:

libeay32.lib(sha1dgst.obj): error LNK2005: SHA1_Final already defined in libdlib.lib(sha1_2.o)

and many more errors like this when I try to build. We are using OpenSSL in the native extension.

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Some of the errors from just testing for reference.


Hmm, no. The server didn’t change, and we haven’t really updated the related libraries in a couple of weeks.
I suspect that earlier today, you perhaps hadn’t changed anything in the code? (if so you would get a cached version from disc)

This problem with unresolved symbols is of course something we need to address, and although we are in the works of trying something definitive, I think we need to address the most common symbol clashes immediately. I’ve added issue DEF-3024 for this, to hide our version of libcrypto functions for now.


@mts: Could it be that you have a dependency to another library that has changed? You should try to make a habit of not depending on the latest on the master branch, but instead a specific commit or preferably a GitHub release.

@britzl no this is in our development project for the gameanalytics native extension so there is no dependencies there for any other projects

Ok, I see. We upgraded axTLS a couple of releases ago, and perhaps that specific function (SHA1_Final) was introduced then.

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Ok I will see if I can compile a custom version of OpenSSL to get the extension working again for Windows

Ok I have updated the extension now. I have renamed the symbols in the OpenSSL libs which are clashing with the Defold engine’s symbols and it should be able to build for Windows again.


Minor error on doc page

game_key_windows = OSX_GAME_KEY
secret_key_windows = OSX_SECRET_KEY

To be clear, do you want us to “Add game” from the dashboard for each individual platform, or is there a faster say to get platform keys for a specific game?


Thanks for the heads up of the minor error on the docs page, it has been fixed now. Unforunately we recommend you to “add game” for each platform you need tracking for, this is especially needed for the mobile platforms to be able to correctly validate in-app purchases. For desktop platforms it is less important but it makes it easier to debug to seperate the different platforms you need tracking. So in practice you can share keys across the platforms but we don’t recommend it.


Got these errors today from latest editor2 version


It’s suddenly making builds not work even though the native extension code has not changed.

@Mathias_Westerdahl Changes made to build server?

Hmm, weird.
Nope, we haven’t done anything with the server recently. Are you building for Windows?
Also, we don’t have “warnings as errors” enabled, so it’s surprising that we don’t see an actual error here?

I’m guessing something changed in their SDK, which seems to have been updated today to version 1.1.7? Are you depending on the or the

Also, I’ll check this out too tomorrow, to see why why there is no error message for you. Thx!

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I was using from

That 1.17 seems to be released on Dec 4, 2017?

Yes, building on Windows.