Defold Grid Engine

Hello all,

I began development on this extension about a week ago, and it’s shaping up nicely. Defold Grid Engine provides grid-based movement, interactions, and utility features to a Defold game engine project.

Grid systems are popular when working with tilemaps because they greatly simplify character movement, pathfinding, collision detection and response, and many other technical challenges. Grid systems also harbor a certain charm, probably due to their iconic usage in classic franchises like Pokémon and Fire Emblem. I have been itching to use grid mechanics in my own games, which led to the creation of dgrid.

Happy Defolding!


Looks great! Thank you for contributing!

Be sure to submit it here

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Yes, I submitted to the asset portal a while ago.


It’s available:


Is the sorting by Latest messed up on the asset portal?

Yes, it seems like it. I’ll investigate.

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I am updating this thread to alert that DGE has undergone a major update. If you’re using this module in any of your projects, please read the new documentation on GitHub. Additionally, I am pushing to perfect grid-based movement. As a result, DGE temporarily no longer supports diagonal movement so I can focus on improving cardinal functionality.


A suggestion is to make use of the “Releases” feature of github.
That way users can stay on a certain release, while you can move ahead on master branch with newer features.
We always recommend users to use specific features, or they might suddenly find themselves in a situation where they don’t know what went wrong.


Thanks. I read over the semantic versioning guidelines and posted a release. I’ll incorporate releases into my projects going forward.