Defold Game Engine User Feedback Survey

We’ve put together a short questionnaire to learn more about what you like and dislike with Defold in its current state, and which platforms that are the most important to you. We would appreciate if you could take the time to fill out the survey:

Here’s how we plan to use the results:

  1. We will promote the things you like about Defold when we talk about Defold and when we market Defold online.
  2. We will dig into, and try to improve, on the things you do not like.
  3. We will put extra effort and focus on the stability, performance and features of the platforms you care the most about.

Getting this, I guess it’s a permission thing. :slight_smile:

Update: Sorted. :star_struck:


Thank you, these settings are a bit harder to figure out than I expected )


I forgot to fix the first section for 5 options instead of 3 (as well as in the second section). I’ve just fixed it. Sorry.

UPD: it is possible to edit/update your answers


What aspects of Defold do you like the most? Please choose your top five preferences from the following list:

There are things on this list that I would like the most, but I don’t think Defold has them or they’re not up to standards. Should I still select them?

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Just write it in “Other” or “Free-Form Feedback”

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It would be neat to see the results later. :slight_smile:


Yes, we will definitely share the results!


Is there a deadline to respond to the survey? :nerd_face:

We’ll keep it open for at least this and next week.


I was very busy with the jam, but wish to take part, please, let it be at least till the end of the week, ok?


Sure, we’ll close it by the end of this week and then spend some time analysing the data and writing up a summary for sharing here.

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