Defold Game Engine User Feedback Survey 2024

We would like to invite you to answer some questions about the current state of Defold. The survey is based on the replies we received in last year’s survey. This year we would like to know more about:

  • What you like and dislike about Defold
  • Which platforms that are the most important to you
  • Your interest in 3D game development and the current state of 3D in Defold
  • How you prefer to learn new things
  • Your opinion on the current selection of third party service integrations in Defold

To participate, please fill out the survey linked below:

Your replies will help guide development efforts and other initiatives. Thank you for participating!

Note: We will keep the survey open for at least two weeks.

Previous user surveys:


Survey response submitted. I said it in the form already but I just want to say here too: Thanks for all you are doing! Defold is an amazing tool and I appreciate you all very much.


Will answer asap! And will share in my humble social networks ^-^


Same here! Survey submitted and absolutely trilled by the work you guys are doing.


Thanks! We are mainly interested in feedback from users that have tried Defold in the last 12 months.

Responded, thanks. I recall last year’s wording to be a bit confusing, so whatever was changed between then and now fixed that. :+1:t2:


Oh, them I guess I shouldn’t share just in case :smiley: But I qualify, so here I go!


Submitted! I’m happy to help shape the future of Defold as it grows from its 2D mobile roots. And I’m an “odd” kind of 3D dev who doesn’t want or expect Defold to be another Unreal or Unity. :grinning:

There are so many more things videogames could be doing with three dimensions besides looking pretty…


Done. I hope Defold continues to improve. I love this community.