Defold Forum Email (SOLVED)


Looking for assistance from users here on the forum. I am having trouble changing the email address attached to my account. If you go to Profile --> Preferences, there is a section titled Email. Underneath, you will see your email address and a small note stating “Never shown to the public.”

According to some users of other Discourse forums (the same type of system used to host the Defold forums), there should be a little wrench icon next to your email which allows you to change it. I don’t see this icon. Does anybody else have this option available?

Furthermore, navigating to this link (replace USERNAME with your username):
Gives you the option to change your email by typing it in an edit field then clicking the “confirm” button. In my case, clicking confirm doesn’t work and instead displays an error message in orange stating “You are not permitted to view the requested resource.”

It would be very helpful if someone could test these two systems and let me know what happens. Seems like a glitch that needs to be fixed.

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Did you sign up via an oauth? That might be why it doesn’t let you change it.

Or maybe editable e-mail was disabled when the forum was setup. I don’t see a wrench either, but I did sign up with Google oauth way back when it was required.

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It was. And now it is enabled. Please give it a try @klaytonkowalski!



Aha! Everything is solved. Thanks @britzl! And thank you @Pkeod for making the comment that got britzl to figure it out. :stuck_out_tongue: