Defold Editor crashed



I see repeatedly stable crush Defold Editor. My env: Phenom x4, 16 gb mem, ATI7870, win7 x64, last Defold Editor version *.142

Steps to reproduce:
1 Open gui scene
2 Add Text Node
3 Editor crushed in 1 second

Late last night i see same type of crush and on next day i update some software on PC. Java 8 to 11.0.1 (yes i know that Defold Editor delivered with own jre version) and ATI drivers from 18.5.2 to latest 18.11.2. So now this crush repropuced more strong.

Please let me workaround, i has small time slice before end of gamejam (actually 2 gamejams).
Logs attached, looks like glDrawArrays fail.

hs_err_pid8376.script (46.8 KB)

hs_err_pid12348.script (48.0 KB)

Thank you.

update 1 even more - now navigation in Outline some times crash Editor. Assets tree navigation ok, but Outline navigation break editor, not only in GUI scene but also in collections.


Several users running windows with ati-cards experience the same crash, so probably a driver issue. Just PM’d you a speculative fix since we can’t repro. Please try it and report back!


update 2 i am downgrade driver version to 18.9.3 and nothing happen. Ok i try you workaround. Thx. PS strange that navigation in asset tree is okey … reproduced only on outline navigation.


resolved i am downgrade driver version to 18.5.1 WHQL and crash gone. Sad but this is one issue with ATI drivers for a long long time. Early ATI drivers has problem with upgrade drivers to the new version but last 5-6 years i dont see any problems. This bug very sad. Have King team contact with quality department of ATI? Or i may send crash report to ATI team but i cannot find contact form.

Thank you Kingters for help with this bug.

PS old 18.5.1 WHQL driver version can be found here (torrent link)


Great that it works, sad that you had to downgrade. To get any further with this issue we’ll need a station with the same setup to reproduce locally. I’m not entirely sure it’s a driver issue. It could be that we’re providing somehow invalid vertex data, or maybe calling the gl functions in an unexpected/unsupported order. I don’t think we/King have any direct contact with ATI. Thanks for all your help and patience!


Ok, i keep eyes on this issue. If something new appear than i update topic. Thx.