Defold editor crash on macOS Catalina 10.15.7 (19H1519)

Defold crashes when a collection, particle effect or other visual component or resource is edited. The crash log mentioned EXC_BAD_ACCESS and

This crash affects users with macOS Catalina 10.15.7 (19H1519) with Security Update 2021-007 installed and running on Intel HD Graphics 4000 integrated GPU. This does not happen on hardware with both a dedicated and integrated GPU, such as older MacBook Pro’s with both Intel and Nvidia GPUs.

NOTE: This issue is not limited to the Defold editor. It also affects apps such as Godot, Blender, MATLAB, Google Earth and more.


  • Reinstall Catalina, and only upgrade up to 10.15.6 (not 10.15.7!)
  • Upgrade to Big Sur
  • Wait for Apple to hopefully fix the regression in 10.15.8
  • MATLAB claims to have a fix but we do not have any more information at this moment.