Defold Editor becomes unresponsive


As I try out the ColorSlide tutorial the Defold editor has hung up on me on two occasions - both times whilst I was adding new buttons to level_select.gui. Given that I am a newbie I probably clicked around a few times more than required but on each occasion it was whilst I was busy adding the third button.

It would be nice to have an autosave/backup feature here since I have had to start adding buttons from scratch after each crash.

  • Version 1.2.168
  • Platform: Windows 10
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Device: Not relevant
  • Editor SHA: 39749b921d8e37b9a669f4096a3faa6d7252dec5
  • Engine SHA: e22f6d2f81e7c53ebcbfefe703ff22ce5da252c0


Knowing your hardware would be useful, what is your graphics card?

Is Event Viewer showing any critical system errors?

Can you do steps which reliably gets the editor to hang?



The steps were pretty much these - I was still trying to figure my way round and I added, dragged, resized, deleted, added… UI components several times over while trying to create 4 level buttons in that tutorial. On both occasions the screen went grayish - like it was covered by a semi-opaque dialog overlay layer - and I could do nothing more. A bit more by way of hardware info

  • Intel i5-8500 CPU running at 3Ghz with 16Gb of RAM
  • Intel UHD 630 Graphics

I can’t tell you much more since in both instances I had to kill the process and fire it up again.



Perhaps you can check the log files to see if they contain anything relevant.



I found a cash dump (I wish) - but it was only a crash dump :crying_cat_face:. You can grab it here -



The _crashfile is from the engine, not the editor.

Did you find anything useful in the editor logs?