Defold do not open project after created

I can create a new project, but after closing it I can’t open it again. Defold v1.3.7 used.

Firewall/antivirus was checked and no problem founded.

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Hi @NewDefoldUser !

I’m sorry to hear it.
What platform are you on?
Which template did you use to create your project?
Perhaps if you share your editor logs with us, we can take a look at it.

Using Windows 10
Tried Empty project

First line of the log:
2022-10-19 10:39:09.125 205 [JavaFX-Launcher] WARN javafx - Unsupported JavaFX configuration: classes were loaded from ‘unnamed module @143a3890 (12.5 KB)

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I don’t see any errors in that log.
Could it be that the first editor is still running?
Have you checked the Task Manager? (we don’t open a second window if the first is already there)

There is nothing in the Task Manager after I try to open a project.

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Do you get an error dialog when you open the project, or does the editor just close immediately?

If so, does Defold.exe print something if you start it from a Command Line window?

Would you be comfortable zipping up your project and sharing it with us? If so, can you send it to so we could try to reproduce the issue?

No error. Just open white image than close immediately.

This is the only feedbak I have after try to open a project (after the first time).

Project here:
My (2.3 KB)

I am able to open the project just fine.

Did it print something interesting if you start it from the command line?

Do you run into the same issue if you create a new project?

Unfortunately this seems like it could be a GPU driver issue or something like that. Are you running on the latest drivers?

Does restarting your PC help?

GPU driver is one version before the last update. I will update the driver and try to reboot.

Nothing in the console.

New project created:

Thank you @Mathias_Westerdahl and @mats.gisselson, but the projects won’t work, maybe I try again in the future.

@NewDefoldUser could you please tell us which GPU you have?

Also could I please ask you to do Project->Bundle->Window to create a Windows bundle. I assume the same problem happens when you run it from the exe? And what happens if you open a Windows command prompt and run the exe from there?