I have the build/deploy bash script for all my mobile project. So, I want to publish it now
(yea, yet another builder script :smiley:)

How to install and full instructions see on github:
Github link:


  • Single deployment script on all Defold mobile projects (Android, iOS)
  • One command to build, deploy and read logs from the mobile
  • Global and custom settings on project (provisions, bob version, etc)
  • Save your time on preparing debug && release builds
  • Nice naming builds to save history of product versions
  • Auto bob.jar downloading. Flag use_latest_bob for using always last version of Defold
  • Android Instant build in one command ( deployer abr --instant )
  • Redownload dependencies, if they are corrupted


bash [a][i][r][b][d] [--instant]

  • a - add target platform Android
  • i - add target platform iOS
  • r - set build mode to Release
  • b - build project (game bundle will be in ./dist/bundle/ folder)
  • d - deploy bundle && run to connected device. Auto start logging from connected device
  • --instant - make builder mode to Android Instant. It will always build in Release mode

For example, the most popular command for me:
deployer adb - build debug android build, deploy and run bundle on connected device + start logging to console