Defold deleted my codes


I saved my project.
While Syncing, Defold had an error and crashed.
After that, I rebooted Defold and the files are removed…
So, My work for 5 hours was deleted…

How can i fix it?


Is the project still present on your dashboard? You should be able to import it when you launching Defold (instead of simply opening it as usual).

Edit: This is where -


I know.

I wanted to sync the project after the work. But it was crushed while syncing , and Defold imported old project from Net Work (I think it is previous one.)
(↑only 4 files are synced)

(After that, I can sync as usual.)


Ouch, I’m very sorry to hear that.
Was is a hard crash? (Did the application quit?)
We would very much like to see the log file of the crash (see the “Help” menu)

Also, you could check your repository for stashed changes to see if it was put there first.


I’m sorry to reply so late!
I do not use Git…

Now i checked Defold log directory, but there is not exist at that time…
I made it again, so I hope that it won’t occer such a crash again!

(I’m Japanese, so i cant use English well)