Defold build is crashing/pausing when previous build was running


If I build my project and try to build it again, but without closing the running build, the current build is pausing at the beginning and there is a warning:

WARNING:DLIB: Profiler Engine.Init took 2.238 seconds

And then sometimes crashes and there is another warning:

WARNING:RESOURCE: Waiting for preloader to complete.
WARNING:DLIB: Profiler GameObject.PostUpdateRegister took 12.392 seconds

or when I wait for a while (about a minute) it runs then like nothing happened sometimes.

I didn’t have this problem in Defold older then 1.2.153 :confused: And I was building again without closing the previous build many times.

Currently 1.2.154, Windows 10 64-bit, HP Elitebook 840 G5, 32 GB RAM

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Hm, strange. Would you be able to share the project with me?
I’ve used 153/154 a bunch recently ans haven’t noticed such issues.

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Yes, it’s the same I shared recently with Björn. I’ll send it to you :wink:

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