Defold adds support for Sony PlayStation 4

We are pleased to announce official support for PlayStation®4 development in the Defold game engine. Approved PlayStation developers can request access to Defold by logging into the PlayStation™ Partners website and accessing the Tools & Middleware directory on PlayStation 4 DevNet.

Basic access to the required tools and documentation is granted free of charge while full source code access is available as a paid membership tier. Note that full source code access is not necessary to release games made with Defold on PlayStation™.

Approved PlayStation developers will be able to set up Defold and build their games for PlayStation 4 in a matter of minutes.

Head over to the Defold for PS4™ consoles manual to learn more.


Aaaah finally announced! :smiley: I have a video for this ready for a long time, so I need to refresh it a bit now, because it was made on some of my assumptions, and could upload! :heart:


So to clarify things:

  1. Play Station source code access is now given for at least $50/month on Github Sponsors, but there is no such tier on Patreon (please, update it).

  2. Nintendo Switch (+PlayStation) source code access is now at $200/month on Github Sponsors (?), but ~225 on Patreon, but without PlayStation (sorry, for converting it from Polish zloty)?

I think previously Nintendo Switch source access was lower, but anyway, maybe there should be similar tier to only access Nintendo Switch like it is for PlayStation (instead of a joint one)?

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Thank you for pointing out some outdated info.

This is incorrect. There is only source code access at higher tiers. I’ve updated the info on the GitHub Sponsor page.

No, the idea is that Switch and PS source code access is $200/month or more.


Great, thank you for clarification and updates! :wink:

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