Defold 1.3.4 BETA

I can repro this, and I’m looking into it now!


I have a fix coming up, awaiting review.

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Fast as always! Thank you, @Mathias_Westerdahl! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: So is it something regarding GUI, I guess?

Yes, the gui nodes with alpha 0 doesn’t count anymore when rendering, meaning we can produce longer render batches.


Thanks, that fixes it for us.

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Thank you so much for the fix @Mathias_Westerdahl, my project is working now! Moreover, the Draw Calls were again reduced a bit thanks to #6706!

What is sad is that the in game profiler now really behaves strangely - while old one were constantly changing over time, this one can hang and show the same data all the time - is it intended? (the web profiler works smoothly though)

Another thing is that, when this UI profiler is enabled, when I regain the screen focus, somehow ~one frame must be lost, because there is a problem with collision detection at this very moment. Not something important for production games, but for development I was sometimes using the UI profiler, I can now switch to Web Profiler, but I guess it is worth notifying you about it anyway :wink:


Hi Everyone,

We have crash on iOS. We don’t have clear steps to reproduce.

SIGABRT: 0123456789abcdef > Assertion failed: (key != 0), function rmtHashTable_Insert, file Remotery.c, line 2612.
 > key != 0 > particlefxc > Remotery.c > rmtHashTable_Insert
  File "Remotery.c", line 2612, in rmtHashTable_Insert.cold.1
  File "Remotery.c", line 2612, in rmtHashTable_Insert
  File "Remotery.c", line 2769, in StringTable_Insert
  File "Remotery.c", line 6142, in Remotery_AddToStringTable
  File "Remotery.c", line 6471, in Remotery_ConsumeMessageQueue
(7 additional frame(s) were not displayed)

Crash file:
Crash (75.4 KB)


Yes, I’m currently investigating it right now.
I do have a possible fix coming up in the beta release (hopefully within the hour)


Hi Mathias,
Thank you very much for very high speed reaction on problem!


Just to say we’ve had an instance of the Remotery crash too

Which version of the engine? (sha1)
Platform? Is the callstack the same?

iOS, engine build 0b2264430293197c757153d6de40201c65e9bae3

    0  RarePetsDev                        0x0000000100799e30 _ZN7dmCrash7OnCrashEi + 104
    1  libsystem_platform.dylib           0x00000001dbb7fd48 F26B24BD-CA8F-353C-B031-C5DB16FC6715 + 11592
    2  libsystem_pthread.dylib            0x00000001dbb97854 pthread_kill + 208
    3  libsystem_c.dylib                  0x000000018b15b6a4 abort + 124
    4  libsystem_c.dylib                  0x000000018b1af6d8 err + 0
    5  RarePetsDev                        0x00000001007c7114 rmtHashTable_Insert.cold.2 + 0
    6  RarePetsDev                        0x00000001005f7198 rmtHashTable_Insert + 364
    7  RarePetsDev                        0x00000001005f447c Remotery_ThreadMain + 7152
    8  RarePetsDev                        0x00000001005f69d4 StartFunc + 28
    9  libsystem_pthread.dylib            0x00000001dbb8d348 _pthread_start + 116
    10 libsystem_pthread.dylib            0x00000001dbb8b948 thread_start + 8 (edited)

I released another small change that might help.
Can you tell me more about the steps to reproduce?

There aren’t any solid reproduction steps. According to QA, it happened after a gameplay action that would involve a game object being destroyed, and a sprite switching to a different image.
We’ll test the new release.


Hi @AarrrBee and @Anton_Krasnogor !
Have you had any more issues with the Remotery?

(We plan to release this version today)

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We didn’t test it on Friday as it was late in the day that I made the new build and our QA team was testing other branches, so it’ll be part of today’s testing.


We haven’t seen this problem again after further testing today.