Defold 1.3.3 has been released

Defold 1.3.3

Note that in this release, we’ve updated our internal Java version (11.0.15) due to some SSL issues that some users experienced. If you are not able to update directly from within the editor, please go to the releases page to redownload the editor manually.

Release notes


NEW: (#6048) Build time measurements and json/html report


Generates new build report that provides information about build time for each stage of the building process.
It uses the same build-report arguments for the bob.jar tool but adds _time postfix to the provided file name.


NEW: (#6488) Sign App Extensions when bundling for iOS


An App Extension lets you extend custom functionality and content beyond your app and make it available to users while they’re interacting with other apps or the system. Examples are app specific stickers in iMessage or extensions to the sharing dialog.

App Extensions must be included in the PlugIns folder and they must be signed. It is easy to include extensions in a PlugIns folder by adding the PlugIns folder as a bundle resource to be included in the application bundle.

This change automatically signs any files in PlugIns with the .appex file extension when the application is bundled.

NEW: (#6492) Cancel all property animations on a game object in a single call


It is now possible to cancel all property animations on a game object by calling go.cancel_animations(url) without providing a property as the second argument.

NEW: (#6534) Add option to skip verification of resource archives


A call to resource.store_archive will trigger a verification process of the files in the archive. If the archive is large, contains many files and/or the target i s a low end phone then the verification process can tay way too long. This pull request allows developers to pass an arguments to skip verification:

local options = {}
options.verify = false
resource.store_archive(path, cb, options)

FIX: (#6567) Removed game.project maximum field size of 2048 bytes


The maximum length of a game.project value was previously hardcoded to 2048 characters. This is more than enough for most values, but when it comes to something like the bundle or custom resources which expects a comma separated list of paths it may not be enough and a long list of paths will cause the parser to fail when loading the game.project file. This change dynamically allocates a buffer large enough to hold the value.

FIX: (#6566) Fixed issue when using fixed update function and time scale 0


This is a fix for a recently introduced issue when using a fixed update and the timestep of a collection proxy was set to 0.

FIX: (#6448) Option to use chunked transfer encoding for HTTPS post data larger than 16kb


When using HTTP POST requests to send large amounts of data to a server over https it may be required to use a Chunked Transfer-Encoding header since some web servers have a max TLS record size of 16kb. The default behaviour in Defold is to use chunked transfer encoding for all https requests with post data larger than 16kb. This is however problematic since some servers do not support chunked transfer encoding. To solve this we have now added a new option to the http.request() option table to toggle use of chunked transfer encoding:

local options = {
    chunked_transfer = false -- disable chunked transfer encoding
http.request(url, method, callback, headers, post_data, options)

FIX: (#6578) Force 3D physics body activation to wake it up


This fixes an issue where physics.wakeup(url) didn’t wake up dynamic 3D physics bodies.


FIX: (#6518) Fix for out of bounds assert when rendering uninitialized render entries


This fixes a render related crash which may happen if sprites are disabled in the init() lifecycle function.

FIX: (#6502) Add missing key bindings to HTML5 builds


In HTML5 builds some keys on a standard keyboard did not have any corresponding mappings to key bindings. Examples of keys missing a binding is the key between left shift and Z or the two keys between 0 and Backspace. This fix adds support for the missing keys.


NEW: (#5630) Add “-keypass” parameter to allow a different key password


This permits a key password to be passed to Bob for signing Android builds, in addition to the keystore password.

java -jar bob.jar --key-pass=mykeypass.txt --platform=armv7-android bundle

FIX: (#6475) Set layout node names from display profiles


This fixes a crash which happens when adding a layout to a gui scene.


Super, no more bodies nodding off!
Sadly, nothing happens when I click the download link in the editor. The popup appears, but the download does not start.

This is SSL handshake issue that blocks you from updating using the internal editor’s updating mechanism. Please download update manually (next updates should be fine, because this issue fixed in 1.3.3)


Aha, thank you!

Ups, sorry, I did miss this!


The Steam base version has been updated to 1.3.3 today to remedy this for Steam users who were not able to update due to the mentioned SSL issues.


Thank you!


There is some error during building HTML5 (Project → Build HTML5)


Defold version and Spine extension last version:
Editor SHA1: 16296d1d70e96499f98d73c6cbe926b2b7c09cb9
Engine SHA1: c2ab1630e34f1311d8340d81494cf5317d25fe16
extension-spine 2.1.0

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The fix from 2.1.0 is for the next beta (1.3.4) that’s coming soon.
Please, use Spine 2.0.9 until that.


Thanks a lot! now works.