Defold 1.2.98 has been released


Defold 1.2.98

This release includes some bug fixes for the LiveUpdate and Native Extensions features, along with some miscellaneous fixes such as;

  • GUI scenes with spine nodes (that include bones nodes) are now handled better during render batching. This should result in fewer draw calls, and possibly better performance for GUI scenes with large amounts of spine nodes.
  • Playing sounds where paused when the gain was set to zero.


  • DEF-2129 - Fixed: Better render batching for spine nodes with bones in GUI
  • DEF-2497 - Fixed: Sound was paused when gain is set to 0
  • DEF-2475 - Fixed: Certificate bug when building native extensions using old Defold installation
  • DEF-2309 - Fixed: Text enumerator MARKED_TEXT was in wrong order in editor
  • DEF-2491 - Fixed: Issue if a collection proxy was excluded previously but is now bundled
  • DEF-1129 - Fixed: Issue where fullscreen was activated even though immersive mode wasn’t activated
  • DEF-2508 - Fixed: Build report showed uncompressed files as -1 B

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We had a bit of a messup with the new API documentation for the Defold SDK (native extensions) that @Andreas_Tadic put together. They were missing in the release, but that is now taken care of.

So, for all you extension junkies out there, here are the SDK API docs:



A new manual on shaders has just been released.



Good supplementary article for general understanding of GPU topics

Also explains another benefit of using polygon based sprites in textures instead of simple squares would be better as requested here TexturePacker support and polygon sprites (DEF-3055)