Defold 1.2.97 has been released


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cool-cool-cool. Super coool!


As Sven mentions, we found an issue with the webpage caching. You could download it through one of the direct links he gave.
Regarding the known issue of using Native Extensions with the latest, fresh download, we have a fix for that coming up in about a week.


I haven’t thought much of JS yet, but I’ve assumed it should work like that, using both c++ and javascript to extend the engine. For instance, we use some premade .js file for some libraries in the engine.


Could you at some point change it so it doesn’t name the runtime engine file after the project name? It could be

defold_dmengine.js main runtime
defold_dmloader.js app loader
defold_dmextension.js bundled native extension code for the unique app

Then in the HTML file can include the native extension bundle JS file or not if it’s not used.


We tried to use new option

and we have next result on our test device (virtual btns still here)

android: 4.1.2
model: Samsung GT-N8000

(ignore the artifacts - it is only the screenshot bug on this device)

Manual still have no information about this new option.
What we did wrong?


Immersive mode is supported from API level 19 (Android 4.4). On a compatible device there is nothing more to it than checking that box in game.project.


strange, but some games on this device works in full screen mode:
kingdom rush
into the dead
leo’s fortune

it’s some other trick?


Hmm, yeah, those games must be doing something else. I’ll look into it.


cool, thank you.


May be helpful


Anyone want to try making a native extension for this now that it should be possible?