Defold 1.2.84 has been released


Defold 1.2.84

We have added an initial version of our WebView implementation on mobile platforms. It currently supports; one view, fullscreen only (or hidden) and JavaScript evaluation. Communication from JavaScript to Lua can be performed through the IAC (Inter-app Communication) module.

There are some caveats that are good to know. For instance, the webview.eval() will always return EVAL_OK, due to the iOS SDK implementation. On Android, calling webview.eval() may close the keyboard on older devices.

We have improved the sound management on mobile devices, speakers/headphones are only activated if there’s sound to play, the sound is reactivated after a phone call has ended, and there is a new function sound.is_phone_call_active. This means that a silent game should consume less power, and that sound will continue to play after a phone call as ended.


  • DEF-1674 - Added: WebView support on iOS and Android
  • DEF-1691 - Added: sound.is_phone_call_active() available on mobile devices
  • DEF-1857 - Changed: render.predicate now accepts hashes as well as strings
  • DEF-1914 - Fixed: Support for setting HTTPS URIs as resource.uri
  • DEF-1709 - Fixed: IAP callback did not run after opening a minimized app via the home screen on Android
  • DEF-1940 - Fixed: Some purchases using test accounts on Android resulted in error
  • DEF-1918 - Fixed: Stack problem on Android devices < 4.3
  • DEF-1920 - Fixed: Bundle dialogs for iOS and Android now remember the field entry data
  • DEF-1924 - Fixed: Android IAP dialog was shown multiple times if changing device orientation
  • DEF-1937 - Fixed: dmloader.js would sometimes try to load the same archive files multiple times
  • DEF-1825 - Fixed: Crash when on_message functions tried to return data
  • DEF-1278 - Fixed: Android implementation of sound.is_music_playing() now works correctly


  • Updates of access token management. It is now possible to revoke access tokens.


  • API documentation for render has been updated
  • An “Examples project” is now available
  • Return values has been clarified in API docs
  • API documentation has been added for WebView



Still no fix for DEF-1788? :confused:


Testing this soon for ads. Will report on what works.

@britzl already has some examples for ads here although I’m unsure how much is working already so far


Note: Leadbolt works. And Google Immersive Ads is semi-working. The other two are not, but I haven’t had time to work with it enough yet.


Thx for all your work @britzl you make an amazing work with you PublicExemple Repo :wink: